An Unsure Painting of Reality (Salvador Dali’s Atmospheric Skull)

Before you open your eyes 

Unsure if want to face the world 

Knowing you can 

Though it all feels like a Dali painting 

Melting back into the bedsheets and feather down pillows

Perhaps sinking back into the mystery person in your dreams 

Though you cannot sail away in the canoe with them 

As the piano must be tuned up and played 

And the odd Atmospheric Skull that lays adjacent to the soulful instrument and two men that sit behind it 

Reminding you it is time to face it all

An idea of the day playing out on the ebony and ivory 

But in reality you have no idea how this song will sound 

One note at a time

No specific rhythm to follow

As life can be very beige at times 

An unsure painting of reality 

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