Are you there, Donna Summer. It’s me, Elizabeth (A Prayer)

Good Evening, Donna Summer

I hope you are well and singing your gospel up above the sky so bright tonight 

Why have I had to trudge through the muddiest of the muds for the last decade?

Why did I not enjoy my twenties like the rest of them?

Did I do it incorrectly?

Is there a correct way to thrive in this decade?

Are they all full of shit?

Have they been as uncomfortable as me the last ten years?

In eleven days I get to begin a new decade

I know it’s not my last dance 

But will it be for real this time?

A happier decade?

Will I find her?

Will she find me?

Is my love affair with New York going to end sooner than I think?

When will I know it is finally time to breakaway?

What is next, my Queen of Disco?

Will I find my happily ever after in my thirties?

Have I been burnt enough?

Do I need to find a sixth element to be fulfilled?

Here’s to finding out… 

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