Have I Made Myself Clear?

I wish I could refine other’s language 

Rinse their mouth’s out with grammar-eye opening soap

Washing out the language “I don’t care if someone is (fill in the blank)” out of their wide-open traps

Cleansing it with “I see them as (fill in the blank) and “they are my equal”

I wish words like “jargon” and “became” tasted like vinegar to them 

Though, there are many who love the taste of vinegar tingling their taste buds 

That words and phrases like “equal”, “valued”, “discovered”, “I am willing to work on my language” should be lingering on their tongues and lips like their favorite dish 

Making them salivate all day and night 

Maybe the turkey in the oven that is done, not finished is that dish for them

Some say I am the grammar police 


Is it so wrong I want people to educate themselves?

Work on themselves?

Hone in on their surroundings and listen skills?

Not in my opinion  

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