I’m A Puff

A world I would escape into in my formative years

Enjoying how JK crafted her words

Curious which Hogwarts House I would be sorted into 

Finding out in my mid-twenties I am a Hufflepuff

Fitting when you are working on a production titled “Puffs”

And retesting again at 29

I am indeed a Hufflepuff

Nothing wrong with that 

Valuing hard work, patience, justice, loyalty, and we love being nears the kitchens

I got a big appetite and I am not shy about it 

As the films came out with novels

Seeing the new faces of the series 

Thinking Dan is cute

But, damn, Emma shyly strutting down the steps to the ball 

In her ruffled purple-pink dress

To that rotten pumpkin head 

Saying to myself in the dark cinema “How much longer can I keep up this heterosexual act?”

Staying up on YouTube watching her interviews crushing until the sun would rise on the Long Island Sound

I am a Broadway Artist who does not want to marathon a play with music 

I run marathons 

I don’t sit in the uncomfortable hard chairs at the Lyric Theatre watching special effects

Though after seventeen months, this Theatre Ninja is missing it dearly 

We’re coming back soon, NYC

Intermission is almost over 

This is your former stage manager giving you your standby (for this now Oct-Act play with music!)

But at the end of the day I look into the mirror and cannot help and but see a Hufflepuff

Sporting my New York black

Always going for the gold 

Badgering my way around the concrete jungle 

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