Lessons Learned 

Age is not scary 

It changes you for the better

For those who are willing to mature 

The CoEd years and early twenties allow the excuse for many to get away the inappropriate  behavior 

Behavior that should not be common after the first hangover 

The first several coughs and fuzziness the come with your first joint 

The reality of sitting in the back of a cop car 

Remembering your white skin was the reason you were not arrested

How that needs to change desperately 

They say let kids get drunk and stoned so they understand the disgusting feeling the next dawn

Where the greasiness of a McDonald’s breakfast does not absorb the alcohol left in your temple 

Lessons learned the hard way 

That should be digested easily 

Perhaps with a parent 

In  a controlled environment 

So they do not have to experience the peer pressure of chugging warm cheap beer 

Having phallic shaped super bongs forced against their mouths in order to realize at a later date in time, this is not what I want

This is not what I need 

Not helping their social anxiety 

Not looking cool in the slightest 

Maybe taking a page out of the European’s playbook

A little wine with dinner 

Where youngster understand this is normal 

And that if they do not care for it then 

They will realize as their brains develop they do not need to care for ever 

Lessons are usually learned the hard way

Let’s change this for our future 

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