No Shame

The pain & shame that has been felt again and again

Things that are not shameful at all

Sexuality, religion, political affiliations 

Lesbian, Jewish-Buddhist, Democrat


I never have and never will accept when I am told “You are white and pass for heterosexual, you blend in.”

We live in a gorgeous melting pot not a George Orwell novel. 

We learn from every soul who wanders this place. And the ones who have passed on.


Cis-Female, Jewish, Lesbian, adopting Buddhism into my life after coming out.

“I Am that I Am”, the English Translation 

“I will be what I will be”, the traditional Hebrew translation 

Exodus 3:14


Never again do I want to see anyone struggle because of who they are

The pain I and many have had to suffer because of who we are 

The work we tirelessly do to survive and protect each other 

The beautiful souls we have lost over and over again because of who they were 


I have more oceans to swim, & more mountains to climb

I will let my proud rainbow sweat become one with them 

A Cancer Sun, Aries Moon, and Sagittarius Rising 

A lot of fire in one soul

No shame

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