Reasons (A Jukebox Poem)

When am I not craving her body

Her soul

The gentle and rough touch of her kiss 


Missing her curves

Keeping me awake at night 

Unfocusing me throughout the day

I’m craving your body

Is this real

Temperatures rising

I don’t want to feel

I’m in the wrong place to be real

Whoa, when I’m longing to love you

Just for a night

Kissing and hugging

And holding you tight

Please let me love you

With all my might


The reasons that we’re here

The reasons that we fear

Our feelings won’t disappear

Having her back for just a moment

But then she is gone

Only the scent of our bodies and sweat left lingering in the sheets

Never wanting to leave the bed 

Leave her 

You let me love you

For one night

And with all of my might

And in the morning

When I rise

No longer hypnotized

by your body

Your soul

Your kiss 

Your tongue 

Gotta squeeze ya, real tight

Why I love ya

Why I need ya

My reasons for loving you

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