That’s The Tea

When I hear the phrase “What’s the tea?” my brain goes to the USWNT 

Alex Morgan a captain and striker for the greatest fútbol team in the world 

She said “and that’s the tea” and mimicked sipping the tea after winning against Thailand in the last World Cup

Sadly experiencing backlash for her cute behavior 

Merely harmless 

But we all know if she was man she would have been praised for what she did 

That fucking patriarchy

We need to abolish a lot of things

That is at the top of my list 

What is this piece about

My obsession the USWNT 

Alex Morgan

My dream of having a four-some with Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird and Kelly O’Hara 

Theatre-Obsessed folks, the soccer player, not the actress

Though I do love that Kelli too

Just a piece about where my brain goes to when I hear “What’s the tea?”

I guess what I am saying in the only tea I will be spilling is the one currently sitting on my desk

I am not just the Queen of Typos, I am the Empress of Spilling 

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