The Art of Broadway, Beanie Wearing Soul Power Poet Brokering

The alarm goes off at the ass crack of dawn

Blonde locks lay on the cool pillow 

Beanie resting upon my tank top on the hardwood floor

My naked body rising from the navy sheets 

CBD oil standing by after my morning workout and nosh 

Shower steaming up in the classic UES apartment 

Perfume becoming one with my body 

My thoughts, sweat, dirt, and the molecules falling off my body, and into the shower drain

A poem forms 

And then another 

And another 

Sometimes remembering to write them down dripping wet over my desk 

Sometimes too lost in thought, these creations will not to come to life as a poem 

Reincarnated in another artistic form 


Baseball cap or a beanie prepped with tight jeans ready to take on my concrete jungle

Tap dancing down Broadway 

As I go to meet to the new home owners 

Parallel careers blending together as I show buildings adjacent to the theaters I have left my talents in 

Show tunes, my Spotify: the white noise keeping me balanced 

Along with NPR 

All things considered… 

A mouthful 

A lifestyle 

A choice 

The Art of Broadway, Beanie Wearing Soul Power Poet Brokering 

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