Vanilla Exterior

I have a vanilla exterior,

They believe I am better than the souls who do not look like me

How I am treated over friends, colleagues, and lovers who have darker skin than me

Present butcher 

Long haired lesbians sadly pass for heterosexual 

This is not a compliment 

My exterior to the ignorant will always be seen as vanilla

To those who continue to educate themselves and remain woke will see a vanilla ally who bleeds rainbows 

Who has fears and insecurities like everyone else 

Who will continue to fight for all rights 

Who hopes one day privilege will no longer exist

Sitting in train stations 

My vanilla exterior never asked by the cis-white males in blue for identification, while they harass the darker skinned souls, minding their own business, for theirs. 

I stand up for the darker skinned souls as this unacceptable 

Until I fear I could be arrested 

I walk away

I still feel shame that I did 

Protesting, donating, reading, continuing to have the uncomfortable conversations 

We cannot put all the work on our darker skinned equals 

I am better than no one

The fear of waking up everyday another beautiful soul has been taken from this place Simply because of their darker exterior

The work must continue everyday

It will never stop until we are all seen as equal

Rights vs Privileges should not be a thing

Privilege. A word I detest

A noun that makes my skin crawl

Yet makes me challenge myself and thinking

Stops me in my tracks to process what I need to do better

Who I need to listen to 

Speak with

Add chocolate, rainbow sprinkles, and many other toppings to your sundaes 


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