Vocabulary Words 

Some say they do not need to pen who they are in their poetry 

They feel it obvious in the passages and symbols 

Sometimes it is

But for those scared and struggling 

It may not be 

Why lesbian, gay, queer, dyke, sapphist are consistent in my vocabulary 

Hearing these words can help guide another to sharing their pride

Can save a life

I repeat

It can save a life

If you are growing tired of my sometimes repetitive messages


My poetry is for me 

I am helping others who need this guidance and safety 

I will continue to scream from wherever I am “I am who I am” 

A leather wearing, sporty, beanie one of a kind dyke

A word I have grown to love

It is your personal journey 

You will share in your own time

No rush

I repeat, there is no rush

But for those who need to hear certain vocabulary words stringed together 

I hope this poem helps

It took me 27 years to get here 

No rush 

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