Water Me Down (Part One)


A natural part of me

I feel myself under the waves

Even my runner soul prefers to gallop along side the oceans

I am a water sign so not surprise there 

Cancer the Crab

You could say “I’m getting wet” is just a natural part of who I am 

A crab who’s claws hate feeling dry 

Is bored on dry land most of the time

Who gets sick in cars, planes, and sometimes on trains 

But when it comes to the motion of the ocean

I am never sick by the sea

Though my sun is ruled by the water

I can always feel the volcanos under the blue blanket with me 

As I am a double fire sign

A fiery feisty crab who’s light is bright, hot and sometimes smoky

But you will have to wait for the second half of this poem for it to heat up…

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