What Will You Do?

What will you do to stop white terrorism?

What will you do to make sure everyone feels safe and valued as equal?

We are all equal 

And when I say everyone I mean everyone

Will you continue to virtue signal reposting on social media?

Will you continue to have the conversations that for some may be harder than others?

Will you create art that may make many uncomfortable?

Will you continue to associate with those who cannot get out of their comfort zones?

Will you mask up and march it the streets?

Will you not take jobs because you know not everyone is valued as equal?

Have you reached out to friends and loved ones to ask how they are?

What have you done and what will you continue to do so that everyone feels safe and is valued as equal?

Life is not a trend 

Virtue signaling is not a trend 

Use your voice however you can

Push yourself out of your comfort zones

Be comfortable that you will misspeak and will make mistakes 

But make sure you learn from them 

Read the writing on the walls and in between the lines over and over again 

Do not be afraid to upset others because they are not ready to stand up and use their voice 

Focus on progress

This is not about you

This is not about me

This is about everyone 

We cannot let hate win 

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