Later, Alligator (A Full-Length Play)

Brisket, squabbling, and Jewish guilt dominate. Can the Salzman family make it through the holidays alive?

Franny, a twenty-something Writer, is home for the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah. She lost her right leg while in the Israeli Defense Force, and now has a prosthesis. Can she overcome her accident, while battling PTSD episodes under the same roof as her parents, Linda and Jay, and brother Ben, who can be a little too laid back sometimes. Family, conflict, and loss, with the setting of Mid-East conflict as a backdrop.

Private Industry Reading (NYC) March 2016
Reading: League of Professional Theatre Women (NYC) January 2017
Private Industry Reading Shetler Studios & Theatres (NYC) June 2018
Lab/Workshop: The Dramatists Guild Foundation (NYC) July 2019
Pride Plays (Pride Pieces) (NYC/Online) June 2020 

Smart Is Dying…While Stupid Is Rapidly Growing (A Political Essay)

 ‘The Sometimes Journal’; Fall 2018 edition.