Later, Alligator (A Full-Length Play)

Brisket, squabbling, and Jewish guilt dominate. Can the Salzman family make it through the holidays alive?

Franny, a twenty-something Writer, is home for the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah. She lost her right leg while in the Israeli Defense Force, and now has a prosthesis. Can she overcome her accident, while battling PTSD episodes under the same roof as her parents, Linda and Jay, and brother Ben, who can be a little too laid back sometimes. In particular, this piece explores the dynamic between mother and daughter.

A third reading of this play was held in June 2018 in New York City. Check back soon for Winter details.

Smart Is Dying…While Stupid Is Rapidly Growing (A Political Essay)

Recently published in the ‘The Sometimes Journal’ Fall 2018 edition.
Elizabeth is also writing & developing two short parody plays.